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April 2021


Simply Stunning!

Eliminate Cable Clutter!

Perfect Match!

for Your Macbook and Ultrabook



Eliminate cable-clutter

With only a USB cable for both audio and power, Musik takes no time to set-up. With Musik there is no cord-clutter and it produces crystal-clear sound.

Pump up the volume

Musik's impressive power pushes the limits of USB-powered speakers. Its unrivaled volume range is four times larger than other USB-powered speaker systems.

Full-digital sound without analog noise

The digital USB connection and full-digital amplifier deliver unexpectedly high-quality sound. This innovative method amplifies a digital audio signal without converting the signal to analog, so you get amazing sound clarity without any analog noise. Regardless of your Mac's audio capabilities, Musik always gives you high-performance sound.

Stylish design and high-quality sound anywhere

Its curvy exterior and high-tech interior are a perfect match for anyone who loves both style and sound. And if you also love portability, Musik's USB power capability lets you enjoy your favorite music, games, or movies anywhere.


  • Single USB connection for both power and audio
  • No external power source is necessary

  • The modern silver and white exterior is a perfect match for any Mac

  • Streamlined enclosure designed by award-winning designers
  • Digital USB Speaker

    Digital USB Speaker

    Most PC speakers are affected by noise inside and outside the PC. Along with this, most PCs use low quality digital-to-analog-converters (DAC), which add noise and distortion. Regardless of how good your speaker is, a poor audio signal source prohibits the entire audio system from producing high-fidelity sound. To overcome this limitation, Musik selected a high speed USB interface as a audio transmission path. The USB connection can transmit a digital audio source to your speaker without any loss. With a purely digital PC-to-speaker connection, musik's sound is noiseless and bit-by-bit perfect.
    Plug & Play

    Plug & Play

    Musik audio system is simple and easy for any user. With an all-in-one connection cable, Musik is able to stream bit-by-bit perfect audio AND have power supplied from a PC at the same time. This feature allows users to connect their speakers to a computer anywhere in the house without the need for external power. With only one cable connection for sound and power, there is no cable clutter, just plug and play.
    Seamless Match

    Seamless Match

    Industrial design of Cubik was done by Innodesign, a Palo Alto based design firm led by Young-se Kim. Nikkei Business Magazine listed him as the top ten designer of the world.

    With the intention to make Musik flow seamlessly with its surrounding environment, its unique cut was inspired by the designs of today’s technology and fashion. Matching naturally with the fluidic shapes of modern tablets and laptops, Musik’s design versatility is incredible. Its glowing silhouette of silver and white can brighten any room and are a perfect match for any Mac or PC.

    Press Reviews

    Palo Alto's compact desktop speakers have more oomph than anything else at this size and price, making them a good bet for those short of space
    Broadcaster's Desktop Resource

    Better than I expected! The musik speakers have a nice, clear midrange and top end, play fairly loud and have very little of the “boxiness” that small computer speakers are known for (such as with the JBL Platinum series I normally use on my office computer).
    In fact, when my boss tried them out with her computer, she did not want to return them.

    User’s guide


    Safety Instruction





    Tech Specs

    • Connections: USB
    • Speaker Configurations: 2.0
    • Height: 6.5 in./16.51 cm
    • Width: 3.5 in./8.89 cm
    • Weight: 2.5 lb./1.13 kg
    • Length: 3.0 in./7.62 cm

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