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April 2021


The Best Sounding Speaker for Your Samsung Galaxy!

Lossless Pure Digital Sound

The Best Sounding Speaker for Your iPhone!

Bit-by-Bit Perfect 24bit 96KHz USB Streaming

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Cubik HD

What is Cubik HD?

The Best Sounding Speaker for Your Smartphones!

  • For all of your pesonal devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and MP3 players
  • 24 bit 96 kHz lossless digital USB streaming
  • Small form factor with big sound
  • Charges your Smartphone or tablet during connection
  • Proprietary technology with digital signal processor, digital audio amplifier and USB soundcard on a chip

Cubik HD Video

How to Get the Best Sound from Mobile Devices?

How to Get the Best Sound from Mobile Devices?

Most of smartphone speakers suffer from various noises in the analog signal path. Irrespective of how good your speaker is, poor audio signal sources prohibit the whole audio system to reproduce high fidelity sound. On the other hand,  Cubik HD’s full-digital USB streaming can transmit a digital audio source without any loss to the speaker. As the signal path between your source device and speaker is purely digital, it is not influenced by any external noise. Bit-by-bit perfect and lossless, noiseless streaming yields Hi-Definition digital sound.
Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

These speakers work with nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market so if you go from Samsung today to Apple tomorrow - the Cubik HD is still compatible by just plugging in your charging cable. The Cubik HD plays crystal-clear sound from almost all of your music sources such as smartphones, tablets, iPods or other portable players, Mac and PCs. No other personal speakers in the market support such a versatile compatibility as the Cubik HD. Simply connecting between USB plug of the Cubik HD and your favorite source devices, the Cubik HD delivers crystal-clear sound from any source device you choose.

High-quality Driver Units

High-quality Driver Units

The Peerless driver units, designed in Denmark, used in Cubik HD, is one of the best, and most expensive audiophile quality speaker units among small full-range transducers. As many audiophiles recognize, Peerless driver is well known by their speaker drivers found in many of the high-end audiophile speaker systems including the ones that costs several hundred thousands of dollars. As we didn’t want to sacrifice anything, we have selected the best.
Advanced Digital Signal Processing

Advanced Digital Signal Processing

To make a compact design object as possible with making it sound better than much bigger speakers was a challenging mission. It was achieved with the very best state-of-the-art digital signal processing (DSP) technology. With upgraded 24bit 192kHz signal processing, the Cubik HD delivers very deep bass and rich sound in this small speaker even without subwoofer. You can hear richer and natural bass much better than similarly sized speakers.
Design by Young-se Kim

Design by Young-se Kim

Combination of beautiful design and state-of-the-art technology is a key concept of Cubik HD. Our studio chose this small cube-like design out of hundreds of stunning candidates. Industrial design of Cubik was done by Innodesign, a Palo Alto based design firm led by Young-se Kim, a globally recognized design celebrity. Combining this fabulous design with our engineers' state-of-the-art acoustic engineering, The matching stand is also a remarkable. While being an important component of the industrial design, it helps the Cubik HD to deliver the best sound to your ears from any corner of the room.
True Digital Amplifier

True Digital Amplifier

We use true digital amplifier for the best sound quality and small size. Actually, the chief engineer is internationally recognized pioneer of true digital amplifier technology. The True Digital Amplifier is unlike any other regular amplifier. It takes in a PCM digital audio stream (i.e. via USB) and processes the data in a completely digital environment, until the final stage (just prior to the loudspeaker terminals). The result is 'True Digital Audio'.

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