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Luxury For Your Audio Life_Cubik

Palo Alto Audio Design is a luxury lifestyle company based in Palo Alto, California


Luxury For Your Audio Life

Palo Alto Audio Design is a luxury lifestyle company based in Palo Alto, California


The Best Sounding Speaker for Mac and PC


Stunning Sound Clarity by Digital USB Streaming Audio

What do a set of Cubik and front row concert tickets have in common? Stunning sound clarity and precision the way the musician intended. Unlike other analog speaker systems, the Cubik receives audio signal through USB 2.0 lossless digital audio. The audio signal is now free from analog noises that usually degrade sound quality of many PC speakers. Paired with your computer digitally, Cubik’s hi-fi audio will bring music, movies and family videos to life.

Premium Driver Unit from Denmark

Cubik’s sound clarity is driven it’s premium speaker driver. Cubik uses an outstanding Danish-designed metal-cone full-range drivers from Peerless. Its incredibly wide frequency response and superb acoustic engineering will delight your ears and move your soul. Cubik’s drivers sound quality is on par with hi-fi sound systems.

DSP and Digital Amplification

The Stellar sound of cubik resonates from its amazing DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and digital amplification technology. Equipped with a high-resolution digital signal processor (DSP) and full-digital audio path, cubik is designed to eliminate all unwanted noise. Pair this with a digital amplifier as well as outstanding Danish-designed speaker drivers and the result is crystal-clear unadulterated sound.

Unforgettable Design



Design by Young-se Kim

Industrial design of Cubik was done by Innodesign, a Palo Alto based design firm led by Young-se Kim. Nikkei Business Magazine listed him as the top ten designer of the world. Though Young-se Kim has created many award winning designs, he is very proud of Cubik as one of his best design work.

Kim’s story begins at the ripe age of 16 when he decided to be a designer. After studying industrial design in Seoul and Chicago, Kim found Innnodesign in Palo Alto, California in 1986. It has expanded offices to Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo. He has designed Samsung mobile phones, LG fridges and iRiver MP3 players. For Kim, design can make people dream of the future and change their lives. Kim believes most deeply that ‘design is loving others.’

USA TODAY said, “the stylish tilt of the cube-shaped speakers will add visual interest to your decor.”





Thinking of The Black Box

Cubik’s modern and distinct design has caught the eyes of national news syndications and broadcast outlets. It’s unforgettable contours stand out on any desk and are a match made in heaven for its full-digital hi-fi sound.

In creating this modern and sleek appeal of Cubik, Kim took a minimalist’s perspective.

“When first visualizing Cubik, I was determined to think outside of the black box that you see from most audio speaker designs. I wanted to turn that concept on its side and create something new.” With a smirk Kim pauses, then continues, “Ironically, I ended up creating a black box, that was literally turned on its side. But it is this subtle twist on the classic cube shape that gives users a fresh perspective on audio design.”







Press & People


Press Reviews


“If you want computer speakers that sound as good as they look, Palo Alto Audio’s Cubik might be of interest.””Loss less digital USB streaming eliminates all analog noise and produce true hi-fi sound. Highly advanced audio-tuning and speaker angling for great sound at any angle”


“The Palo Alto Audio Design Cubik Speakers are a great looking small option for those looking for powerful sound all packed in a very attractive looking package.”


“Sounding off in style, these digital stereo USB sound blasters for your home computer/s promise rich, crystal clear sound without a sub woofer in sight”.



People Who Loves Cubik

“Cubik’s distinct design is refreshing to look at after hours of editing photos on my computer. Sitting at my computer preparing photos for my client I am always exploring newly downloaded tracks. Cubik’s sound has been a great companion for my work and has helped me get through hours of touch-ups and edits.”

– Patrick Wack, Photographer.
“Listening to new tracks with my Cubik get me excited about my next gig. The sound clarity is a bonus when making quick adjustments to my latest creations.”
-Matt Pilarski, Music Producer and DJ
“After a gig, I get home and want to listen to something to unwind. Usually my choice is something I already know well and is smooth. Cubik’s sound always helps out with this. One artist I enjoy most through these speakers is Trane. Listening to Coltrane on my Cubiks, I can hear every note clear as day.”
-Charles Prophet Jr., Jazz Saxophonist


Tech Specs

USB full-digital 2.0 active Speaker
Inputs : Mini USB 2.0 for streaming
Speaker Unit
2.5 inch Peerless premium full-range driver Neodymium magnet, Magnetically
shielded Full-digital Amplifier Digital Signal Processing
Power Supply
100V-240V AC 50/60Hz on external power supply
9V DC on speaker
6.5(H) x 2.88(W) x 3.32(D)
Left : 1 lb Right : 1.05 lb


User’s guide


Safety Instruction




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